Innovative recycling

Mc Donalds which is fondly or not so fondly known by most of us, is interestingly on a mission to contribute to sustainable development in (Other than the contribution its making to the growing obese population – E.g: Australia, U.S). It has begun a recycle programme which converts gallons of cooking oil which is left over into biodiesel, thereby saving 1.5 million gallons of gasoline used by its delivery fleet in the U.K.
It is estimated that this effort will prevent the emission of 1,675 tons of carbon per year.
Its not a ground breaking invention but it sure is a good start and given the enormity of the global network of this fast food chain it could prove to be a good contribution to sustainable development if initiated around the globe.

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4 comments on “Innovative recycling
  1. Ashley says:

    I think this is a great start in trying to limit the amount of carbon emmissons that their fleet produces!
    Now they have to do something about the fact that they are one of the biggest contributors to the obesity epedemic around the world!

  2. Barry says:

    Nice pick up, though its driven by self interest – what was the term used by Pr Jeremy…..”green washing” Bio-diesel is still 70% blended with 30% of tallow &/or canola (depending on the freezing points). What bio-diesel has caused is to push prices up significantly of these original by-products which use to be thrown out. In the case of McDonalds, they will no doubt be paid for their ‘by-product’, whereas previously they would have needed to pay to have disposed of. But its a start – perhaps if they converted all their burgers to vegetarian burgers, and stopped ‘super sizing’ everything, they would make a far more valuable contribution. What if we all decided not to eat meat…..could the class rise to challenge of a meat free day??? and what would be our contribution back to EEE if we did this.

  3. jeremy says:

    Barry, I think a meat-free day on Thursday would be great seeing as I’ve had to make do with an apple and banana in the canteen for the last two lunch times. Being a vegetarian is a challenge in France, but the fact is, if there were more vegetarians in the world (the Indians are doing a pretty reasonable job for all of us in the respect!), we’d be improving EEE (i.e. ‘growth efficiency’) as meat production is a less efficient use of biologically productive land.

  4. Aldo says:

    I think McDonalds should be commended for recycling its cooking oil, however what has always concerned me is the absence of recycling bins in their stores, considering that much of their waste generated in their restaurants are paper based. I looked the Australian McDonalds website and found the following answer to the question “Does McDonald’s recycle?”
    Yes, McDonald’s does recycle. Our current standard restaurant practice includes the recycling of cardboard and used cooking oil. As cardboard contributes to approximately 50% to total kitchen refuse by volume this is a significant reduction of material going to landfill. Please download the MacPack from the McDonald’s website for more details about other initiatives currently being investigated.
    Recycling of paper waste has been around for so long – I cant understand why McDonalds has been so slow to take up the practice in their restaurants.

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