Is it really worth it ?

We talked yesterday about Johannesburg summit, its cost and the results or changes that it may have caused. Here is an article dealing with the cost of the G8 summit which took place this year in June, in Germany.
Few weeks ago I saw an interview on television of a financial analyst who has calculated the costs of the G8 summit. Not only financial cost but also on the environment. This interview mentionned for instance that George W. Bush needs 2 airplanes when he is travelling: I let you imagine the consequences on the greenhouse effect.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say that this is useless but if we could calculate a “ratio of efficiency “( the cost / the agreeement and progresses made) I don’t think that the result would be very good. Maybe a simple conference call would have the same effect… I just think that the money spent for our leaders to meet and discuss and try to agree on some measures should be spent differently, in marketing / communication campaign that could really lead to some mentality changes. Or each country could broadcast Al Gore’s movie in every theater for free, so that every citizens would have the same information. I don’t know …

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