Saving trees in China

Over the last few years China has been importing a massive amount of waste paper. This is being recycled and saving millions of trees along the way. The paper industry in China imported almost 20 million tonnes of paper in 2006 with almost 60% of the fibre used in producing the paper being recycled. Using waste paper saved about 54 million metric tonnes of wood being harvested for pulp last year.
“In the last four years alone, China has prevented 65 million tonnes of waste-paper from heading to landfills in the US, Japan and Europe,” according to Bran Stafford the author of the article.
The worry is that the ever growing demand for paper is going to lead to the continued destruction of forest in Indonesia and Russia.
In China the Ministry for forestry have recently launched a handbook for logging conpamies to make forestry in the country sustainable.
The ministry said the booklet would “guide and standardize Chinese companies’ sustainable forestry activities overseas”, the Reuters news agency reported.
I have given you a summary of the article but if you want to read the full article follow
this link
How sustainable is this approach considering the reduction in paper use throughout the world? Do you think your particular country could attempt something similar?

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