The EU gives options as to how you can control climate change

Here is an interesting campaign that provides several options that you could incorporate into everyday life.
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3 comments on “The EU gives options as to how you can control climate change
  1. aisling says:

    I agree. Definitly having steps that ‘ordinary people’ feel they can incorporate into their life is a positive step towards change. Simple things like turning down heating systems, recycling, walking places and switching off lights and appliances are all actions that can help towards global warming.
    I think this is especially true because of the extremity of the situation. As Al Gore said today, the situation is so scary it is very easy to go from Denial to Dismay without taking time to reflect in between.
    There is the risk that after taking account of all the facts given in ‘An inconvienient truth’ people may feel helpless as to what they can do to help the situation and possibly feel that there is no point in even trying. However I think that steps like the ones highlighted here (similar to the ‘Power of One campagn’ in Ireland ) can help get people involved!
    Oveerall change probably does need to come at a national level, but I suppose such changes need the support of people at all levels!!!

  2. jeremy says:

    And … we all save money in the long run! How cool is that? Just as committing to sustainability is good for company profits, it’s also good for the household budget.

  3. louise-anne says:

    I agree with you aisling, when you say that we often feel helpless (like if all ours actions and efforts were like water drops in the ocean), but as jeremy said,we can save money be doing all these small things !
    I also want to highlight (again!) the fact that travelling by train is better : “one person travelling by car alone produces three times more C02 emissions per kilometre than if this person were travelling by train”… Now, Chloé : what do you thing about it !!?
    louise anne

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