Change management in the US

Michael, and the other students from the US, may have seen this article all ready, but for those who have not and are wishing the US would jump onto the Global fight against climate change will be happy to hear that an other large State, namely Florida (good thing the President’s brother is no longer Governor..!) will institute new emission laws to combat global warming. They have finally seen the repercussion of global warming on their state…maybe the Governor recently saw Former VP Gore’s movie…;-) Please click the attached link
This is the second very large state to embark in the fight against global warming, after California. When will the federal government see that their own people want to see leadership from them and begin to steer this huge ship towards the global fight against GHG. From a change management perspective this is a perfect case study. We all know that to effect change a champion needs to be identified, in this case the US now have two big states on board. This should cause serious pressures on the Bush administration to consider an action plan finally.
Any thoughts!

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4 comments on “Change management in the US
  1. Martinlemalin says:

    I am a believer in the american democracy. Once Bush is out with, I really think environement will become a more important issue in people’s mind for the next election or the one’s after.

  2. Ashley says:

    Great article! The states really need to push the federal government to take action. California and Florida are both very key states in terms of political voting power. With the presidentional elections coming up, this will put alot of pressure in the upcoming presidential candidates to make this a mandate in their proposed presendiatial initiatives.
    I hope more states “jump on the band wagon.” Like the article states, I believe that consumer behavior needs to change based on new regulations and laws!
    – Ashley

  3. Claire says:

    This is great news! Do we know if these new laws include the reduction of extensive irriguation (oranges plantation among others)? They have been pumping the swamps and the rivers so much that the swamps get almost dry in summer. In a few years, the flora and wildlife could desappear if nothing is done.
    Concerning the electricity consumption, it would be a good initiative for the government to ask the universities to increase the temperature in the classroom. There is no need to max out the AC like they do, most of the students (experience talking) need a sweater to go to class when it is over 40°C outside.

  4. jeremy says:

    What chance a “green” US presidential election?!

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