Hilary Clinton’s Potential Plans- You tube Interview

Hillary describes her plan to create a strategic energy fund that will invest in developing and deploying clean and alternative energy here!
Do you agree 50 billion is enough for the fund??

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5 comments on “Hilary Clinton’s Potential Plans- You tube Interview
  1. aisling says:

    I certainly I like the optimistic outlook of Hilary in this clip and a strategic energy fund does sound like a good idea to me – clean and alternative energy is without doubt needed. The term she uses ‘An Apollo like effort’ does sound very hopeful but I am afraid the cynic inside me does question these promises when made during an election campaign!!
    Overall though I do think that it is very important politicians take on this idea so maybe we can’t be too cynical! As to the question of whether $50 billion is enough, I just don’t know….after watching the Al Gore film the last day I don’t think any amount of money will solve the problem at this stage. But if this money succeeds in raising awareness and creating change then it must be worth it!!

  2. JM says:

    Maybe it won’t be enough…maybe it will be a good start who knows…either way it’s better than what is being spent right now…I will refer you to my posting earlier this evening (after yours though!) where I found an article in the Economist speaking of Florida coming online with the fight against GHG…If the Federal Government will finally get on board it will be an awesome beginning to this tragic situation…Maybe when Mrs. Clinton becomes President (no nepotism in this system, brothers, father and sons, now wife’s!!!!!) she can hire Former VP Gore to chair the committee!
    Anyone else with thoughts on this subject?

  3. adam says:

    ….glad to hear awareness AND action will be taken. The fund is a good idea…something is better than nothing…still not the sense of urgency I would like to see, although I understand politicians always have to balance their statements. As to the $50B, well, it really doesn’t matter whether this is enough or not enough…Why? b/c what really counts is teh public pressure to continue funding and increasing funding once the funds run out….that’s what matters.

  4. Thush says:

    The stategic energy plan does sound like a good idea but i am with aisling on the fact that such glamourous promises are made by politicians in their pre-election campaigns. Will these plans really materialise remains a question mark?
    It is intresting that Ms.Clinton sure does make this future plan of converting from a energy dependent nation to a energy independent nation sound amasingly easy. I like the optimism though.
    As for the 50 Billion contribution i am not sure if it will be enough to counter the damage that has already been inflicted but its a good start!
    Jean-Marc, I am with you on the Al Gore suggestion. He sure did leave a positive mark in my mind with his two hours of inconvenient truth.

  5. Barry says:

    50 billion, sounds a lot???
    How much is the ‘war on terror’ costing America??? I daresay into the trillions. No, in my mind, too little, too late.
    But Hilary in office would be a good thing – she will hit the ground running given she has already served 8 yrs 😉 and will be able to make more of a difference, especially given the Clintons are linked in with Al Gore’s endeavours.

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