How you can give value to shareholders and society…

Companies able to tackle issues such as poverty, climate change and population shifts are those most likely to succeed in the future, or so say the World Business Centre for Sustainable Business Development. This YouTube Video outlines views shared by eight global business leaders on the matter. It’s called ‘From Challenge to Opportunity’ and it sets out a “manifesto for tomorrow’s global business” as defined by the Tomorrow’s Leaders group of the WBCSD. Most interestingly, they discuss in the video why and how four key areas of business and sustainable development need to be profitable in order to be effective.

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One comment on “How you can give value to shareholders and society…
  1. jeremy says:

    These are hard-nosed business people. Dark suits sitting in offices at the top of tall buildings! Their interest? New markets in the developing world because developed markets are relatively saturated. Problem? Lack of effective demand in countries where many people earn only a dollar a day! The answer? Invest to address the basic needs of people in poorer regions because these will be customers in the future.

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