Sustainably Develop with Nuclear Energy

Ecologists often oppose nuclear as a viable source of energy to ensure our future or to reduce GHG emissions, arguing the nuclear waste and proliferation threats are too dangerous.
I feel the nuclear industry, combined with renewable sources of energy, is the only heavily energy productive system virtually CO² emission free that can provide energy for the increasing demand and help countries reduce and/or maintain their GHG emissions.
As some of you may know, the nuclear industry represents the biggest energy supply source for France. Without this source of energy our country could simply not reach the Kyoto Protocol’s goal it signed. It allows France to remain independent as far as energy consumption is concerned. We even export nuclear energy in Europe and we can ensure autonomy on the long run.
Regarding the choice of new sources of energy to implement to supplant CO² producing industries, renewables and nuclear are too often opposed whereas the two sources can be – and should be – seen and settled as complementary: renewables alone cannot provide enough energy to meet the growing demand but they can surely play a more important part in the energy mix, especially solar for water warming for households and biomass, as other alternatives.
I would also like to make a comment about antinuclear activists’ frequent observations about safety and threat of accidents (like Tchernobyl disaster) or of terrorist attacks, and go beyond the technical figures in favour of nuclear facilities’ safety and say that I don’t think any hypothesis is being neglected to protect France’s strategic, economic, environmental long-run plans.
My final words of these lines will bring to mind those of Mitterand back in 1981, and often mentioned during 2007 presidency campaign in saying: Greenpeace does not have a monopoly over environmental matters!

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