Volonteers wanted

The new Greenpeace campaign against global warming will be photograped by Spencer Tunik (famous for his naked crowd pictures). He is currently looking for vonlonteers for his next photograph: a naked crowd on a swiss glacier.
If you want to volonteer and you are not affraid of getting a cold, click here
According to the last report from the group of intergovernment climat changes experts, we should take drastic measures before the next 8 years or the situtation will be irreversible.
I am not convinced a naked body is the best way to raise awareness on global warming, but if it works, maybe it is worth it.

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One comment on “Volonteers wanted
  1. genevieve says:

    Wow! Greenpeace found a good way to get “global (…)” attention. As you said Claire, if it works and make people talk about the subject around a beer or a coffee, why not. Since clothing might be minimized by global warming, Greenpeace might also wish that we will be scared of what we would see if we do not do anything about global warming…
    On a serious note, art could be a good way to bring awareness on that subject. The more people talk about it, the more they want to get involved, the more companies have to get involved: that is how groceries started to sell reusable bags and people started to use them when doing their grocery in Ottawa and Quebec for example.
    The following website presents interesting drawings on the subject. http://www.newsart.com/m/m34.htm

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