Interesting concept: “la théorie de la décroissance” :

I have spent several hours trying to find the english expression of this recent concept, which is called in France la théorie de la décroissance. So, as I think it’s a really interesting theory, I’m gonna try to explain it to you guys and maybe you will help me find the english words for it…
La théorie de la décroissance ( maybe decrease theory or ungrowth theory ) is a political, economical and social concept, opposed to the current political consensus around economic growth. It totally tackles the prevailing idea that the increase in merchandises production (goods and services) leads to a better quality of life. So, it suggests that we should decrease both production and consumption, and that it is the only way we have now to respect climate, ecosystem and to save us.
Once one ecological footprint’s individuals or groups is superior to one earth, there is no economic development model which allows to keep a viable environment.
Think about it: do you really buy stuff that you really need ? Does your life depend on it ? Many of our purchases are far from necessary: they just respond to artificial needs created by firms and marketing / communication …
So, you could always argue that we can’t stop consuming and producing, and I agree with you. But at least we can think about our ways of consumption and try to make some changes: do we really need all this ?
Moreover,one can always argue that stop consuming and producing would also create unemployment, a decrease in purchasing power, and eventually social violences. It could also seems to be a recessive idea.
I hoped what I wrote was understandable t and if you can help me and tell me if there is an english expression for it and some action groups that exist it would be great !

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