Water crisis in Egypt 2007

Hey Folks,
Take a look at this short but eye opening video clip…Makes you appriciate the clean water you have!!!

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3 comments on “Water crisis in Egypt 2007
  1. adam says:

    Wow….the video made me realize how ignorant i was about such issues AND i;m certain I’m not the only one…hence teh importance of awareness and education….i feel terrible for those people…can’t really complain about the hard water affecting the suppleness of my locks!!!!

  2. jeremy says:

    I think we will see more and more video clips like this one. This set of ppt slides on the Year 2070 is sci-fi right now, but it is becoming worryingly realistic in the context of Egypt in 2007!

  3. Thush says:

    The yr 2070 slides which i propoably would have considered as sci-fi right now too, does seem like a reality from the discussions we have been having in class, the diverse blogging topics, videos and the inconvenient truth all put together. The devastation due to our shortsightedness is unfogiveable!

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