PETS – THEY’RE KILLING US – a last rant

Can I please have some comment on the impact of domestic pets. I took the ecological footprint – came in at 4.2 planets (sad to say – but flyings bad), but there was no impact given to domestic pets – who fart copious amounts of methane (at least in my home), eat meat almost daily, and are a waste (yes, unless they are doing something meaninful, like stopping the house getting burgled, rather than rolling over for a tummy rub, they are a waste).
In terms of waste – the domestic pet industry is a huge growing industry in the billions – much of it pointless and again, showing the excess and watse of the developed world.
I understand they have some medicinal benefits – assign one to each hospital and school. But if people weren’t obese to start with, they wouldn’t need an excuse to own a pet- plus pet owners are a mixed bag – notice how they resemble the owners 😉 in looks and weight.
It might sound harsh – but surely I’m not alone in my views that domestic pets should be curtailed. Far better off having pets of local threatened wildlife that have had their forests destroyed by our greed, than another dog or cat.

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