Drought & global concern

Dear everyone,

Good evening.
As we studied today, Australia has been suffering from the long-lasting severe drought.
Actually, I stayed in Brisbene for one month in 2003. I remember that there was the issue of water, but I did not think that the drought continues such a long time!.
So, I was very much concerned about the issue.As my first post, I would like to add some information regarding drought and introduce global concerns to you.

In fact, Australia was one of the few countries which did not ratify “Kyoto protocol” which is an international treaty for a measure against global warming, because the Liberal party of Australia, the ruling party at that time, was skeptical regarding the issue of global warming.
However, the relationship between global warming and drought came to light gradually and people started to place an emphasis on the measure and criticized the administration’s stance to global warming. In Nov 2007, Liberal Party was defeated by Australian Labor Party in the general election. Then, Kevin Rudd of Labor Party became prime minister and immediately ratified the protocol in Dec 2007. Also, he announced that we make best efforts to accomplish the Kyoto Protocol with the objective that reduces the discharge of greenhouse effect gas by 60% by 2050 (The level of the discharge is equivalent to the level in 2000).
I think that this is one of evidences that the discussion of sustainable development became one of the biggest political issues in a country.
In this regard, I think that we need to know about the Kyoto protocol.
I invite you to the website UNFCCC(http://unfccc.int/kyoto_protocol/items/2830.php). Also, you can find the description in Wikipedia.
This is closely connected with sustainability issue and one of the main topics in the discussion at coming G8 Summit.
You can find information on the topics of the G8 Summit on the following website (http://www.g8summit.go.jp/eng/index.html).

I will be happy, if some of you access to the above website and pay attention to the global concerns among developed countries.
We no longer disregard the issue….


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One comment on “Drought & global concern
  1. jeremy says:

    As one of the passports I carry is Australian, I was quite relieved when the Australian government finally agreed to sign up for Kyoto. Australia is a small country (in population terms), but, per capita, its inhabitants are among the highest emitters of greenhouse gases. It is important, therefore, for them to show some leadership on this issue rather than cry foul about the absolute emissions of China and India, for example.

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