Another consequence of global warming –extinction of biodiversity

Another consequence of global warming, we didn’t mention yet, is the extinction of biodiversity. Every day 150 species die. The question I want to explore is: What will be the consequence for us if all bees become extinct?

At the moment there are big discussions about the traceless disappearance of bees.

Two years ago the bee population was threatened by mites but today researchers are helpless about the reasons for their disappearance.

It has been found that, the older bees of a beehive leave their home and never come back causing the younger bees to die. Normally when this happens other bees or “beehives bandits” rob them directly but today it takes two weeks until the bandits arrive.

In the USA about 70% of the bees have disappeared. The same has started to happen in Span, Poland, Switzerland and now Germany. Some researchers think that a reason for this is the consolidation of farming and perfect forestry which destroys the natural biosphere of the bees.

Another problem is that there are less bee keepers than before. Many beekeepers are pensioners but this kind of hobby has become too expensive in the last years which has caused them to give up.

Albert Einstein said once “If the bees leave earth, then human beings will only exist for 4 years because without bees there is no pollination and so no plants, no animals and finally no human beings.”

Maybe the period of 4 years is exaggerated but bees are a very important part of our ecological system and the next time a bee is near you maybe you should think twice before you kill it!

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One comment on “Another consequence of global warming –extinction of biodiversity
  1. jeremy says:

    Given Einstein is generally regarded as a pretty smart guy Esther, I think it’s reasonable to assume the chances of exaggeration are low. This one link in the food chain that is absolutely critical to just about every other species on the planet.

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