Education in the USA

While watching the movie “an inconvenient truth” I thought about, why American people react how they react, and why politicians are able to say things like “I do not believe in global warming”, without coming across as ridiculous to the population. And why they still vote Georg Bush, when they could have a president who is really ambitious to change something, to stop the pollution and the distruction of our planet and to improve the situation. The USA have so much economical power, which they have shown several times before, and so the real ability to change something through changing their habits and attitude and so being an example for rising powers like china and india and at the same time force them to do so to to maintain their relationship.

That this is not happening can in my opinion only be the result of a complete blindness of the people in the USA towards everything which is happening outside. When I hear politicians speaking I often think, how can people believe something that is that out of touch with reality? Don’t they want to see the inconvenient truth or do they really believe that this is not a matter of facts but a matter of belief?

Sarah brought up a lucid explanation today. It’s a matter of their education which not automatically includes subjects as geographics and history, the result is that they never waste a thought of what is happening outside of the USA. Naturally they do not react on matters as pollution and global warming because it feels as they do not affect them, this is outside the USA and that will not come across to them. They do not see that it’s about the whole planet in which they are a part.

So how to solve this issue? the only solution would be to change the education system, which is a long process. But how could they change the system with a president who are as blind as they are?

Personally I’m convinced that with the right politicians a change in the USA would be possible, but when will they vote someone who is able to, when they are happy how it is now, because in their opinion obviously nothing is wrong at the moment…



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3 comments on “Education in the USA
  1. jeremy says:

    Jasmin, the Bush administration has proved to be very unpopular outside of the US, but poll results show it to be one of the most unpopular in history inside of the US too. One has to be careful not to write off the US because of Bush. It is a great country that has led the way in the past and it can do so again. The contenders for the next presidency offer cause for optimism, I believe, and hopefully the US will be more outward-looking to the benefit to us all.

  2. giggey says:

    I’d agree with Jeremy. Be very careful in how you describe a nation and its people, and do not judge them based on one powerful person. Many countries still have some soul searching to do on this subject.

    As you know, the US has some of the best educational institutions in the world, from elementary through post-secondary. They also have some of the most dedicated people when it comes to the environment and sustainability.

    Of course there are also ignorant people in the US as there is everywhere in the world. The political system, maybe more so than the education system, has made it difficult for politicians to drive environmental initiatives, hopefully coming leaders will be tough enough to follow-through on their promises.

  3. fsingcaster says:

    Let me point you to a relevant counterpoint to the whole Man-Made Global Warming issue, to put a little perspective on the matter. I would invite you to consult the “Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations”, written by 100 Prominent Scientists, dated Friday, 14 December 2007, at Besides the observations/comments offered by these 100 scientists, I would like to point out that a quick survey of the signatorees will shows that they are far from being the marginals (or “crackpots”) that the MMGW community usually make them to be. As an example of the pedifree of one of them, Dr Zichichi is Italy’s most renowned scientist; hs has published more than 800 scientific papers, and is credited with the discovery of nuclear antimatter, the discovery of the “time-like” electromagnetic structure of the proton, the conjecture of the existence of a third lepton and the invention of new technologies which led to the discovery of the third family in the structure of the fundamental particles, the discovery of the effective energy in the forces which act between quarks and gluons, and the proof that, despite its complex structure, it is impossible to break the proton (source: The Deniers, Lawrence Solomon). He also holds or has held significant scientific positions im major organizations besides the presidency of the WFS. Among other, he is also an expert on modelling as a result of his particle work, which he characterizes as simpler than weather modelling by orders of magnitudes, and has declared that the models used by the IPCC are completely unreliable (as alluded to in the letter). The reality of the situation is that, while the greenhouse effect is a recognized scientific phenomenon, the MMGW follow-up is still a theory that lacks scientific proof (if you consult the IPCC documentations, you will not find any conclusive scientific declaration on this, only statistical appreciations – e.g., likely, highly likely); you may decide to subscribe to the “Precautionary Principle”, and that is certainly a defendable option. However, there are many very intelligent scientists that have alternative explanations to what we have been witnessing in recent years and very few of us (including at the IPCC – in fact some of them are IPCC contributors, and certainly not Al Gore) are in a position to just disregard them, and certainly even less to ridicule them. In reality, the MMGW issue is certainly not as straigthforward as the press and politicians like to make it, and scientifically speaking, it is far from settled. I could go on, but Jeremy doesn’t want us to write treatises, so that’s it for this one.

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