“floating homes”

Hallo everybody,

today in the morning we talked about the consequences of global warming like for example the rise of water surface which will make a lot of people in India homeless.

In this moment I remembered an idea I heard some years ago called “floating home”. This is no longer an idea, today -it became reality.

The first time I heard something about this kind of house in a report about the Netherlands where they tried to find a solution for their future problems.

In Germany this solution seems to become a new lifestyle but I guess it is still important to understand how this idea looks like in reality.

Because of my bad English I would like you to look at www.floatinghomes.de – and no panic the language of this German website is English. You will find three types of houses and their descriptions along with some pictures (for more pictures: www.stern.de/wirtschaft/immobilien/immobilien/:Floating-Home-Das-Haus-Wasser/563968.html).

In Dubai, you can find another example for new biosphere creation.


I know that these islands are only for rich people but this fact also shows us that we are able to create new biosphere for ourselves.

But I’m not sure if this example is positive or negative for the environment. First of all, this isn’t a natural place so there is no natural ecological system. And another point is that we take away a part of the ocean and we don’t know yet if this will entails other negative consequences.

Finally these are some new ideas explaining the fact that we are able to find solutions for everything if we want!!!

Good evening


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3 comments on ““floating homes”
  1. ninapau says:

    Esther, first of all, I really like your optimism. “We can find solutions for everything if we want to!”. In fact, we have invented so many things in the past decades we couldn’t even imagine in the past. I think, the most important problem will be to convince governments and organizations to invest in research and development, to allocate an important part of their financial ressources to projects on sustainability.
    Concerning the “floating homes”, very interesting idea, but I can’t imagine how that could function for example with the waste and the canalization… but it’s a nice example of innovative ideas. In each case, I agree with you, that if we are really willing to find solutions, we will be able to, but we have to hurry up…

  2. shea08 says:

    Hi Esthi,

    When I first read your post about the floating homes I developed a mental image of traditional wooden boats very similar to the ones we saw in the film today, China Rises. After looking through your links I realized that the floating homes you presented are much more sophisticated and marketed in a very intriguing way.

    This floating home topic reminded me of an article that I read earlier this year on sustainable tourism. It featured a houseboat entrepreneur from Kerala, India. This man developed a concept for sustainable tourism through the local design, manufacturing, use and sale of houseboats to international tourists. These boats were described as modest boats that tourists could rent/buy to spend days/weeks exploring the Arabian Sea. Things such as original designs, local materials and native people aka locals were used in the maintenance of the industry and ultimately to create a completely self sustainable community. According to the article it proved to be quite successful. I don’t remember the date of the article, but it’s possible that this concept is what gave birth to the beautiful floating homes now being marketed all over the world… or vice versa.

    After reading the Indian houseboat article a few months back I thought the whole thing was a great entrepreneurial idea. Now however, after gaining a wider perspective on the environmental side of sustainability, I think about things like how long the environment of Kerala will be able to sacrifice trees for the manufacturing of the boats, what kind of fuel these boats are running on, and if the pollution level in the sea has increased since these boats became popular getaways.

    I guess we’ll see what the future makes of this floating concept…

    See you tomorrow- bright and early!


  3. jeremy says:

    Hmmm … I’m a little sceptical of the Dubai developments. See here: http://news.mongabay.com/2005/0823-tina_butler_dubai.html

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