IOeW – The Institute for Ecological Economy Research

I decided to write about this Institute because of the last case study. During the research we came across Adidas AG, which was evaluated by this institute.

Since its establishment in May 1985, the IOeW has been able to extend its range of topics continuously. There are different interdisciplinary research teams, and each of them has developed its own access to socio-ecological questions.

This institution comprises several research fields, such as “Corporate Environmental Management”, “Ecological Economics and Environmental Policy”, “Regional Economic Policy/Sustainable Regional Development”, “Sustainable Consumption”, “Ecological Product Policy”, “Sustainable Energy and Climate Protection”.

I had a closer look on the “Corporate Environmental Management”. This field has shown that environmental protection and company success can indeed go together very well.The main points of research within this field focus on CSR, “sustainable corporate development” and “sustainable corporate governance”.

The IOeW develops and tests innovative methods and environmental protection instruments which enable companies to recognise, utilise and also extend their own framework of action in the interest of the environment.

Beside all the research and projects, the IOeW also organizes different workshops such as ASCEE Expert Workshop on Sustainable Consumption which takes place in the end of May in Brussels.The aim of this workshop is to “assess the potential of various instruments for sustainable consumption practices and greening of the market”.

This research was really interesting, because the IOeW is not only an organization which does evaluations on other companies; they also help to “educate” them by making them aware of the occurring problems.

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  1. jeremy says:

    This is a useful reference Corinna – thank you.

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