Ecological Footprint: How many people can the planet bare??

Considering the current turbulences and the raising food prices, one important question will arise: How many people can live in this world??

It is incontestable that, if everyone would live like the average western European, we would need approximately 5 times the world. This is what researches of the UNO are making us believe.

Therefore a new branch of thought has slowly developed – the expression of the ecological footprint. The result of this calculation is the “area consumption per person”. Therefore it is no longer a secret that we live in too much space.

Imagine, we would have to reduce our consumption (energy, mobility, garbage, raw materials, etc.) to a sustainable level – this means dividing everything by 5 – there would be 1/5 cars, 1/5 goods, etc.

Everyone of us can do this calculation to see which changes the future are needed. This can’t be overnight, but I think in approximately 50 years this will fit the reality. Of course there will we different levels of prosperity – some will be above, others on the contrary below the “sustainability line”.

Two billion or 10 billion??

How many people the earth can bear will be shown by the time. But without resources, the amount will be less than expected. There are factors such as fertilizers or mechanization of the agriculture which act upon the question and without them, less people could be nourished. The population number will decrease by these factors until this number will be levelled at a sustainable line.

But before, there could be a merciless fight. Maybe the current problems are showing us a small part of the future.

But there is no question…

Our planet tolerates only a certain amount of exposure. This is why I think that this problem will be solved naturally in near future. Every kind of population e.g. animals, who is getting towards the limit of natural growth, reduces them themselves. In case of human beings, not only the starvation will be the problem, because before this there probably will be allocation-battles, such as wars…

In my opinion nature needs a new dose of life…

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One comment on “Ecological Footprint: How many people can the planet bare??
  1. ninapau says:

    I think your solution is really drastic. Maybe you are right but I hope nevertheless that the problem will be solved by developping new technologies and by improving the living standards in the third world countries. As a consequence the birth rate would drop. Maybe I’m a little bit naive but I think we need a ray of hope at the end of this course :-).


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