Google teams up with Amazon Tribe – CSR/SD effort

just saw this on CNN ( only English channel we get in Reims )

A great example to follow up on the discussion of this afternoon class about SD and CSR ! Google does it again … they teamed up with an amazon tribe in Brazil to use google earth to help attract attention to the deforestation issue and help stop the damage …. i thought i would share


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2 comments on “Google teams up with Amazon Tribe – CSR/SD effort
  1. jt00041 says:

    I saw the news in CNN too. But I am not too sure whether it is good news in terms perserving its natural resources and the way of life for the tribes as the web may trigger a new set of problems eg consumerism.


  2. saadabdalla says:


    i can see your point there but you have to balance the pros and cons of this. Technology is a double edged sword in this manner and it is rare you will get only good things! in this case in my view the pros will be way more the cons , as we are talking SD here , deforestation impacts way more than the lives of this tribe it touches us all … and if this project means the tribe will try to get more involved with the current world technology i am ok with that as long as i have more O2 and less CO2 in the air


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