Population growth – will it stop !

We have talked at length over the past two days about sustainable development.   We have also touched on the fact that population continues to rise.   This fact makes the whole topic of sustainable development all the more complicated.   Even if we were to develop a sustainable strategy for a population of 6.3 billion people, by the time it would get implemented, the population might be 8 billion.   Therefore, in contemplating strategies and approaches, we need to be thinking far ahead and projecting what the consumption requirements will be at given the future the number of people.   To me, this is a nightmare!

I found a few interesting articles on issues surrounding population growth that may be of interest.   This first article  identifies the growing countries and those that are stagnating.  It also talks about the most important issue: water.   The author clearly states that without clean drinking water, the species is dead !   

One interesting trend is that developed countries, having attained mature economies, are also relatively stagnant in the growth of their population.   I was thinking that this ties in well with Jeremy’s point about on distributive justice.   As wealth begins to flow into developing nations, the rate of population growth may decline thus leading the world population to an eventual state of equilibrium.  

This article talks in detail about many of the issues surrounding population growth.  

Finally, this final article puts an interesting twist on population growth.    It’s about an American couple who has eight kids !   The point of the article is that as long as the family lives in a sustainable way, that is what is most important.   Many couples without kids consume and waste much more than a family of 10 who consume in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Thanks … JF

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2 comments on “Population growth – will it stop !
  1. RGiggey says:

    Hey JF, if you’re looking for pop. projections see my earlier comment on Saad’s post (re: SD issues in developing countries). It has UN projections to 2050, but it seems the link didn’t work.


    UNPF (info. on pop issues and dev. world – including sustainability)

  2. Trinifar says:

    I appreciate everyone’s attempt to get the word out on population pressure and its affect on the quality of life and sustainability. One comment:

    It’s about an American couple who has eight kids! The point of the article is that as long as the family lives in a sustainable way, that is what is most important.

    Even if the family lives in a sustainable way at present, those two people (the parents) have not just replaced themselves (the only way to be sustainable), they’ve added another six people to the planet. In other words for this family to be sustainable requires 3 other couples to remain childless.

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