Vigeo Group | CSR Audit (in FRA)

–WOW– to be honest, I am not sure we have firms like this in Canada, but the Vigeo Group are, in essence, THE Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) police in France.

Vigeo examined ~ 1,500 European, American and Asian companies with regards to:

  1. Human Rights
  2. Human Resources
  3. Environment
  4. Business Behaviour
  5. Corporate Governance
  6. Community Involvment

I  L I K E.

Offering services similar to that of traditional accounting firms, The Vigeo Group performs CSR audits and provides feedback to firms about the extent to which they are fulfilling their social promises.

But what gives?

One reason companies, administrations and the territorial bodies subject themselves to such examination is that a CSR performance audit “helps in the strategic piloting and control of social, environmental and governance risks.” Basically, it helps firms protect against the element of “surprise” government regulation.

Other benefits resulting from a Vigeo Audit include: (source: Vigeo Website)

  • Identify your enforceable social responsibility objectives;
  • Identify your risk factors and levers of performance;
  • Clarify your principles and the vision of your responsibilities;
  • Capture the weak signals of your social and competitive environment, anticipate your risks, reinforce your performance factors;
  • Ensure the relevance of your operational objectives and managerial choices.
  • Check the effectiveness of your managerial processes to achieve continual improvement.
  • Prove that “actions speak louder than words” by communicating on the basis of tangible facts.

Lastly, Vigeo provides a ranking which helps investors determine if subject firms are a good Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). (to serve the growing interest in “green” investing)

Curious about your investments now? Search for SRI Funds here.

That is all. RT

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One comment on “Vigeo Group | CSR Audit (in FRA)
  1. ahmedmoustafa1 says:

    Richard, I found another company that do similar thing, they do not act the SD police but they provide consultation services to companies on SD.

    “Established in 1987, SustainAbility advises clients on the risks and opportunities associated with corporate responsibility and sustainable development. Working at the interface between market forces and societal expectations, we seek solutions to social and environmental challenges that deliver long term value. We understand business and what society expects of it.”

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