Bioproducts – current sunlight replacing ancient sunlight

The movie 11th Hour talks about the use of ancient sunlight such as fossil fuels as an unsustainable practice. So in order to become sustainable, we need to switch from reliance on ancient sunlight to current sunlight. Bioproducts are one way of doing this. “Bioproducts are non-food products developed from biomass – biological or renewable material which can come from agricultural, food, forestry, marine and industrial or municipal sources.” Most people are familiar with ethanol fuels, but bioproducts can also include decks made from plant fibres or plastic bottles made from corn oil. Statistics Canada is the first national statistical agency among OECD countries to measure the amount of bioproducts being produced and developed. See ( to find out more about the bioproducts being made in Canada.


A common concern about bioproducts is that it causes food prices to go up and as a result cause famine in third world countries. But this is a myth. The article at the following link dispels this myth ( The most relevant point is that rising energy prices make have a larger impact on food prices that the rising price of corn. So anything that alleviates energy price increase will have a net positive effect of food prices.


Overall, in my opinion, bioproducts are the way to reduce the reliance of fossil fuels and lead the way to a sustainable future.



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One comment on “Bioproducts – current sunlight replacing ancient sunlight
  1. pdg2 says:

    The European Union has employed several initiatives, such as the Sustainable Development Strategy, and with respect to bioproducts, the EU Eco-label (see:

    The mission is for the label to be “recognised as Europe’s premier award for products and services which are a genuinely better choice for the environment. To help manufacturers, retailers and service providers to get recognition for good standards, and purchasers to make reliable choices.”

    In order for producers to be able to use the label, products need to pass various environmental and performance criteria. These environmental criteria will take into account all aspects of a product, from when it is produced to its eventual disposal (“cradle-to-grave” approach).

    Overseen by the EU, this label will help consumers in making “green” choices.


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