Honda releases zero emission car

Yesterday Honda released their Hydrogen fuel cell car for lease in California. The hydrogen fuel cell uses hydrogen to produce electricity to operate the vehicle and produces only water from its tailpipe.

The production and release of this ‘green’ car that is more efficient than gas powered cars and even hybrid vehicles is a major milestone in vehicle production and also in the ‘green’ movement overall. The question that comes to mind is how long will it take before the other major manufacturers will realize that this is not only a necessary step in their evolution, but that it will also be good for business? Until that happens, the cost of producing these vehicles will be the prohibitive factor to making the technology accessible to the masses.

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2 comments on “Honda releases zero emission car
  1. fsingcaster says:

    And putting the infrastructure in place to support users will also take money and time (i.e., no point buying an hydrogen car if you can’t refuel it easily). The usual chicken and egg problem. In this case, I would suggest this would definitely be a worthwhile area for government to invest in, to speed up transitioning to H-powered vehicles when the technology becomes really usable; maybe as some sort of a society SD project.

  2. jt00041 says:

    Just to add that UK partipated in the CUTE (Clean Urban Transport for Europe)trial and found that hydrogen fuel cell buses to be environmentally friendly and will introduce ten such buses in London by 2010 ( If more public and private transportation use such technology,then costs will definitely go down. Therefore, the public sector should take the lead.


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