Volt – The American Car Of The Future

The new wave of cars is coming. It’s not only about the hybrids, but now also about electric vehicles. GM introduces a purely new concept, the Volt. A car which runs only using the electric batteries. Its capabilities are not convincing though. Volt can only run 40 miles on batteries. It seems to be little, but an average American drives his car less then 35 miles a day. Can you imagine using the electric vehicle a day, and plug-in for a night?

The car will be sold starting from 2010. Anyone interested?

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2 comments on “Volt – The American Car Of The Future
  1. saadabdalla says:

    Well … i would like that for the in the city car … something i noticed in the picture … do you think if they make the car a little smaller maybe it will drive more than 40 miles on a charge! and cost less to produce …. companies are losing focus in my opinion of the real underlying reason to go green… it must make a difference on the long run and let me say a comprehinsive one … not reduce the oil needed to run and spend more to make the huge car ! just a thought


  2. blainewalsh says:

    I notice the title of this post: “The AMERICAN car of the future” and I have to think that its kind of funny that we as North Americans are so enamoured with the size of our meals and the size of our cars…..and so we design fuel efficient cars that are MASSIVE.
    This infatuation with big vehicles is defeating the purpose of designing and selling more fuel efficient vehicles and to actually embrace more ecologically sound practices at some point we have to let go of this need for bigger and bigger vehicles.

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