Social community websites: the good, the bad or the ugly?

This morning course made me think about one particular thing : apart from websites dedicated to sustainable development, is there any way to make people think about such an issue? Is there any way to reach millions of websurfers who are not always looking for information about global warming?

Here is the answer : Community websites! A website such as facebook has more than 40 million of members…this could be a tremendous opportunity to promote the sustainable development cause!

Unfortunately the company itself doesn’t do anything about it (this is really ugly!), only the members do, thanks to the groups (such as the sdca one!).  But I found the Good among all the Uglies : the social community launched a few months ago a profile of it’s own about global warming and its consequencies. They urge, for instance, members on changing their daily behaviours and make pledges : more than 650 000 pledges have been made so far!

I found this really clever because thanks to this the website can reach 11 million members and also generate traffic which is the key to success in that business.

Sustainable development is definitely a corporate advantage : this website can now differenciate from the numerous others! is definitely the Good in the internet ocean!


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One comment on “Social community websites: the good, the bad or the ugly?
  1. RGiggey says:

    Here’s some more links to social media sites where you could get involved in sustainable development type discussions.

    Technorati Results (500+ Blogs):


    If you join Twitter you can follow people interested in any topic, including sustainable development: (@giggeyro)

    Plurk: like Twitter also a micro-blogger where you can follow those with related interests

    Just make sure you don’t turn into what their calling a Social Media Douchebag 🙂

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