World War III – The H2O Fight is coming soon!

Moving away from the Oil issues in the world we need to attend to another creeping issue that is more important , in my view, than the oil …. that is the WATER CRISIS!

The world’s supply of fresh water is running out. Already one person in five has no access to safe drinking water. Click on the map to read about some of the world’s water flash points.(BBC News Special Report)

A very useful site is

It is an interactive map of the issues about water crisis worldwide.

It is very important to realize that Oil as a source of energy is replaceable to an extent with other types of power sources ( solar, wind, and so on ) … but water is not ! Water is the source of life ! and this is a critical issue if you mess with it, as we saw through the video and the course … we need the earth to live and revive to continue life and water is at the core of this.

The world is getting more and more aware of the issue. “Water will be source of war unless world acts now. If we do not act, the reality is that water supplies may become the subject of international conflict in the years ahead,” said Mr Thomas (International Development minister of England March 2008). “We need to invest now to prevent us having to pay that price in the future.” His department warned that two-thirds of the world’s population will live in water-stressed countries by 2025.

Here is a list of areas where the political situation can cause war over water

Here are the main water hot spots to watch for:

* The Jordan Litani system and the West Bank aquifers. Israel/Jordan/Palestine already use more than they get

* The Nile. Egypt downstream, Sudan, Ethiopia and even Uganda upstream. Already stretched very thin.

* The Tigris-Euphrates system, Turkey upstream, Iraq and Syria downstream. Turkey’s massive Anatolia Project ( xxx dams and reservoirs) is certain to make things worse.

* The Ganges system between India and Bangladesh, and the Indus between Pakistan and India–in a region famous for its saber-rattling.

* The Carvery River in southeastern India, the country’s fourth largest, has already set off pitched battles between troops and citizens from two Indian states, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

* The North African Iittoral. No major rivers to speak of, but Colonel Gaddafi’s mining of the sub-Saharan aquifer is causing alarm among his neighbours, most notably Algeria.

* Botswana and Namibia in South Africa have several times come close to war over Namibia’s threat to divert waters away from the Okavango system, home to Botswana’s major source of water and one of Africa’s last great refuges for wildlife.

Check this link for more info … a long read but interesting to see how the dynamic of this is.


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2 comments on “World War III – The H2O Fight is coming soon!
  1. jeanfrancois1 says:

    This is a very relevant Canadian issue. The North American great lakes represent the world’s largest source of fresh water. There is mounting tension between Canada and the United States regarding the management of this most important natural resource. Many speculators also fortell the day that the US, who incidently is suffering from more and more instances of drought, will in the not to distant future, simply take all of the water for their own. Power will not be oil, it will be water.

    The way to alleviate this danger is by adopting an SD approach thus reducing our dependency on water or at least creating systems whereby the quality of the water going in is equal to the quality of the water going out.

    Did you know that California has a program in place whereby they encourage every household to plant cactuses ! This is a very real and very dangerous situation. Americans are getting thirsty and, we have seen what happens when Americans decide that they want something. All the more reason to promote SD within North America.

  2. jasonchoueiri says:

    Great point JF. We as Canadians need to adopt a strategy for SD, especially when it comes to Fresh Water.

    Here is a link to Natural Resources Canada’s website, which provides Canada’s SD strategy, as well as a lot of other initiatives.

    Albeit there may be some “greenwashing” here, NRCan discusses the importance of fresh water and its role as an authority to pursue SD.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t much information that is provided in terms of tangible goals, especially in the North American Great Lakes.

    However, NRCan does provide articles and publications on the individual actions that we can take to sustain our freshwater on a separate site. The link to the site is:

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