City of Ottawa moves closer to “clean” technology for waste diversion

The City of Ottawa took another step towards reducing the footprint of its residents. They will soon issue a letter of intent for Plasco Energy to build a waste conversion facility, which will help reduce the amount of waste that goes to our landfills.

A recent release states:

City moves forward with new clean technology for waste management

Ottawa City Council approved a resolution giving authority to the City Manager to issue a letter of intent for development by Plasco Energy Group Inc. (PlascoEnergy) of a Waste Conversion Facility to process the residual household waste that would otherwise be disposed of in the City’s landfill.

The agreement will be subject to the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) issuing a Certificate of Approval respecting environmental performance. This approval may be given only when information satisfactory to MOE is provided by PlascoEnergy.

Through our partnership with Plasco the City hopes to move beyond the current demonstration facility to a commercial-scale operation, which has the potential to provide economic benefit to the City through revenue sharing arrangements, as well as providing an environmentally friendly solution for household waste.

Discovery Channel Video:


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