In Defense of Food

For those interested in an examination of current methods of food production, this is an excellent book:

Michael Pollan debates the role of nutritionism (how all foods can be broken down to its essential nutritional components and be fully understood) in the food production industry, and how it has lead to industrial processes which are not sustainable, and frankly, unhealthy.

Through the book he examines an industial meal (McD’s) and where all the components come from (largely corn and petrol), ideas of organics, a modern holistic farm, and a “hunter and gatherer” meal. In each he examines the sustainability, the root origins, and the impacts on society.


— just a quick correction – In Defense of Food was his other book – the one I review here (and highly recommend as it’s wonderfully written) was The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

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2 comments on “In Defense of Food
  1. sandybeyko says:

    What do you think about making a choice to eat in a way that is environmentally sustainable. The majority of us are so dependent on mass-produced food from industrial farms that consume enormous amounts of fossil fuels and spew tons of waste (pesticides, chemical additives, methane from animals, etc).

    Here are some suggested diets that take the bite out of Global Warming:

    David Suzuki suggests a diet for a Healthy Planet, which includes eating meat-free meals one day a week, eat locally whenever possible, and replace chemical pesticides on your lawn, garden & houseplants with non-toxic alternatives.

    There is also the Raw Food Diet which I am rather fond of. There is no cooking so no fossil fuels are used, it is all organic and all waste can be composted.

    Another new diet that has come to surfce is the low Carbon diet. Check it out at –

  2. jeremy says:

    Great links Sandy, and thanks for the book reference Eric, I will add it to my reading list.

    The movie that I tried to remember the name of (twice) in class is, indeed, Fast Food Nation, as it as suggested. I have the book at home (which I haven’t read yet). It is non-fiction, while the movie is fiction, but based on the book.

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