Passenger air traffic increase over the next 20 years

Regarding air transportation pollution, please find below a very interesting quote from Airbus’ Global Market Forecast (2007- 2026).  Both Boeing and Airbus agree that passenger air traffic will grow at a yearly rate of 5% for the next twenty years. More than 30% of this growth will be generated by the development of middle classes in Asia-Pacific. This implies that approximately 24,000 new aircraft will be built, representing a market of $3 trillion …. an amazing wealth creation opportunity for any aerospace nation.


“While there is unquestionably an environmental impact from the growth in air transport, some 80% of the industry’s 2% contribution to man-made CO2 is generated by flights for which there are no practical alternative. This is considerably less than the 16% created by other forms of transport, yet aviation contributes, directly and indirectly, 8% of world gross domestic product.”

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One comment on “Passenger air traffic increase over the next 20 years
  1. jeremy says:

    Fair comment about the relative contributions to emissions Maryse. An industry that seldom attracts attention for their CO2 emissions is shipping:

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