The next plastic

As a follow up to my comment yesterday regarding the comparison of the auto industry(the largest industry in Ontario) and the pulp and paper (Second largest industry) here is the technology that I was talking about (

With respect to Canada, we have a world leading research institute (Paprican) that is doing great research on developing nano-technology products, such as  smart paper, light and strong car parts and future environmentally friendly building products. 

The unfortunate part is that with the industry getting very little support from the different levels of government in Canada(Soft wood lumber dispute, Black Liquor subsidy), the industry is suffering and Paprican funding has been cut because it is tied to the profitability of the industry.  We need to be more forward thinking and fund this research as it is our only hope at being able to shift one of our core industry to the new green economy.  With all of this stimulus money flying around, one would think that there would be a piece of the pie for this worthwhile research.

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One comment on “The next plastic
  1. jeremy says:

    To follow up on your follow up, I would like to reiterate my view that there is much to be gained by allocating funds to clever scientists to investigate biomimicry in the production process

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