A government initiative that could be effective

Following is a news that I got this very morning :

China promises solar power subsidies in effort to develop clean energy industry


In light of yesterday’s discussion where Jian was proposing government’s deep pocket could be effective to which I argued against. But I think I was looking at the picture from the points of views of western governments. I think, given the above announcement, I’m now more towards to his view point if the country/government involved is China, i.e. context/culture plays a large point.

What do you think ?

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4 comments on “A government initiative that could be effective
  1. colinhickey says:

    In a country such as China where government pockets are deep, indeed I believe that if it is feasable they should act themselves through subsidies to promote sustainable development. However, I believe in other countries and in China, the government should be passing and enforcing laws which ensure not just insentivise sustainable development. These alws should include waste management, clean air and cradle to cradle initiatives.

  2. sandybeyko says:

    Companies in China, along with many other companies from various other countries have implemented many solutions to reduce their carbon imprint.

    A couple of years ago I met a Canadian consultant who works with companies/factories in China to reduce their greenhouse gases. One of his projects was taking heat generated from the factories and recycling it into greenhouses that grow flowers such as Irises — so a win win solution – reduce CO2 levels, extra profitabiliy on the flowers that the company exports around the world, etc.

    In my opinion, the negative pictures and stories tend to have a more powerful impact in our heads than the positive actions taken by many companies and countries around the world. I think it is also our responsibility to highlight and celebrate the companies taking full accountability and responsibility in terms of innovative sustainable solutions.

    On the otherhand, I do thing governments are slow to action and need to move more quickly to modernize energy regulations to give clean energy a chance to profitably reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Check out this site with many positive sustainable solutions around the world — such as heat and methane capture, etc.

  3. jeremy says:

    The problem with China is that things have gotten so bad, rehabilitation of its image will take some time. Suffice to say, these forward-looking initiatives need to be celebrated.

  4. msisensei says:

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