We’ve spent some time considering IKEA and their practices on child labour and the use of more environmentally friendly products (forest-friendly, better glues), but an argument can be made that IKEA products are simply not environmentally friendly due to the basic design flaw that they were not designed to last.

Is inexpensive furniture truly inexpensive? I offer that the full cost of the furniture is not reflected in the price. Full cost accountancy would also have to take into account the expected short lifespan and replacement costs. Partical board is not something that one repairs!

So, while they are fun, stylish, and have a good corporate image, perhaps another choice would be more sustainable?

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One comment on “IKEA and CSR
  1. jeremy says:

    It might not be so bad if IKEA took back all their ‘worn out’ goods Interface-style for recycling into the production process. As I understand it does not, I fully concur with your point, and in terms of the Comprehensive Efficiency Ratio (CER), the company would score fairly low on the service efficiency ratio (MMK services gained/ MMK stock).

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