Successful Biofuel Flight test

An airplane using jatorpha and algae type biofuels had a successful test flight on the 25th of January of this year. Continental Airlines were the first commercial airline to conduct such a test in the US.

This test illustrates the airline industry’s desire to reduce their pollution which is a strong contributor to Global Warming. The flight duration was a mere 90 minutes however this is a massive step in reducing the carbon emissions of the airline industry.

This flight test is a key milestone towards the International Air Transport Association’s aim of having the members of its association use at least 10% of alternative fuels by the year 2017. This will have a great affect on reducing Global Warming effects  associated with the  Airline Industry. This is also a neccesity for the airline industry as the European Union will implement a cap on airline carbon dioxide emissions by 2012.

This will also help us all to reduce our carbon footprints:)

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2 comments on “Successful Biofuel Flight test
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  2. jeremy says:

    How interesting Carol.

    The only problem if we went over to this form of energy too quickly is that things might get a little worse in the first instance because of the protective nature of the airplane contrails.

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