Ecological economics

Ecological advocates have been trying to encourage and popularise the idea of companies achieving competitive advantage through sustainable development for the last number of years. The driver behind this is the hope that companies will increase their environmental awareness and reduce the ecological damage that they do. In order to effectively do this though, an entire organisational culture shift is required that sees environmental issues being embedded in the core of all activities rather than have them peripheral to daily business activities. It occurred to me however that while some organisations have the foresight and resources to redesign their business processes to be truly environmental conscious, most organisations will continue to skirt around the issue until it is more than too late. With this in mind, I believe a great responsibility lies with our governments and international agencies to be the leaders in beginning a societal paradigm shift towards environmental sustainability. It is my belief that world leaders need to go beyond the current efforts and focus on changing people’s mentalities. A good starting point would be to introduce measures of growth based on ecological economics rather than the limited measures that are currently used. The article “Towards an ecological argument” by Robert Constanza gives a very interesting overview of the benefits of this.

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One comment on “Ecological economics
  1. jeremy says:

    Indeed, any macro measure that does a better job than GDP would be desirable. The Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) would have to be a leading contender.

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