Home (FR): We have 10 years left to change

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Opening in 181 countries on June 5th, 2009 during the World Environment Day (WED) and thanks to the contribution of many luxury brands, this movie without copyright by Yann Arthus-Bertrand was widely broadcasted for a few days for free in french, english and spanish.

Provided also in cinemas, DVD, TV on the same day, this french documentary about the EMERGENCY to save the planet broke the world record for the largest film release in history!

Non only the message remains frightening but realistic, but also the images look astonishing, as well as the music is powerful. Watch and (re)act!

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5 comments on “Home (FR): We have 10 years left to change
  1. jeremy says:

    Excellent stuff Clement – thanks for posting.

  2. clementrms says:

    I will try to keep on blogging especially for any local french or european environment information from now on;
    sorry for the delay I previously tried with a wrong account..(it is my first time-blogging..)

    Regards and keep in touch!

  3. egitman says:

    Hi Clement,

    This is amazing. For now it seems like the whole movie is also available in you tube in English as a whole, i.e. without multiple chapters, but they may remove it soon…


  4. clementrms says:

    Thanks Hakan!

    I watched the movie through your link today and it still remains online and running! Nice catch! Perfect HD resolution with subtitles (removable)


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