Reims Management School, Summer Programme, 2010

A warm welcome to the Sustainable Development and Competitive Advantage course at Reims Management School!

In the course syllabus, you will note that 30% of the assessment is allocated to “Analysis of a journal article or company performance” and that this is an individual assignment.

This is where this blog comes in …

Between now and midnight (GMT + 1hr) on Friday 9 July, this is your space to make a contribution to your peers’ learning. Put simply, your task is to analyse, critically, articles and news reports. Other than this, I will not be too prescriptive! Indeed, this would be counter to the whole idea of a blog which is to provide an outlet for your creativity. The only real condition is that your posts must have something to do with sustainable development and competitive advantage!

In terms of grades, I will be looking for quality rather than quantity. In other words, huge slabs of text cut-and-pasted from web sites are unlikely to earn you high marks, nor will “Me too” or “I agree” responses. The main thing I am looking for is evidence of your powers of analysis and synthesis. This might be:

1. Challenging a point of view/forwarding a new perspective;
2. Relating the theory to one’s experience;
3. Offering support for a position based on the literature; and
4. Contributing to peers’ understanding.

One final point: it is quite acceptable for your contributions to be ‘comments’. It is not imperative that you initiate a blog topic.

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