Disgruntled TD bank customer

So I was going to reply to cookj111’S blog since this is in the same realm however my reply would have been a little to long and therefore I simply started a new entry.

One would think that one of Canada’s largest banks, who is also a member, as well as a long-time signatory of the organization’s Statement by Financial Institutions on the Environment & Sustainable Development (UNEP FI) as well as a member of The Research Network For Business Sustainability  would be more economically efficient, more specifically productive.
I very quickly found out that this truly is not the case.
Based on a friends suggestion I recently joined the TD bank. To make a long story short while checking my account balance last week I discovered that I was very heavily indebted to the bank, and hence had no access to any funds. I tried to get a hold of the bank leaving several messages with customer service asking them to contact my bank and call me at my France number. However customer service denied my request stating: “As we indicated previously, we are not able to make arrangements to have someone call you directly. […] Alternatively, we’d be happy to forward your concerns to our Customer Care department; however, you will not receive a response until later in the week.” What type of customer service is this?
A week later I finally got a hold of my branch manager.
Her initial response was shock; why hadn’t the customer service representative directly forwarded my concerns to her? The branch manager had no idea what had happened so she had to call the global branch and investigate. Once that was done she called me back (2 hours later) to explain the situation.
Apparently, they had sent (using REGULAR MAIL!) a very big check to my house (she wasn’t 100% positive as to the location of this mystery check) in someone else’s name coming from my account (Who does that?). Seeing as this was entirely the banks mistake, one would think that the solution would be quite simple; just cancel the check and return the funds into my account.
This was not the case! Apparently, the only way to do this would be for me to return this mystery check to them. Had I been in Canada this would have been a feasible solution however I’m in France!
I explained to the bank manager that I was in France and that she needed to escalate the issue to the highest ranking person at the bank and fix the situation immediately. Three hours later she calls me back, if the check can not be returned (they still aren’t 100% convinced that it was sent to my house and my parents claim that there was no mail from TD addressed to me) then I will have to sign a form stating that the check was lost. (It was there mistake and I basically have to share the responsibility of their mistake! Does anybody else think that there is something wrong with their process?) I provided the bank with a fax number and asked her to send this form immediately so that I would received it by morning and have everything back in order by tomorrow. She however stated that she had to first prove that the check was lost and that she had one more person to contact who might know where this check would be before sending me this form and thus she wouldn’t be sending it before tomorrow EASTERN TIME! I would have to go at least another day without any funds to my name because of a serious mistake by the bank, that I thought could easily be fixed by canceling the check that should have never been issued in the first place.

Brief, TD bank is clearly suffering from major productivity and customer relationship issues. Their entire process needs to be revisited; instead of taking weeks to solve the situation it should have taken minutes!

TD bank will most likely lose a customer, and could potentially face a lawsuit.

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One comment on “Disgruntled TD bank customer
  1. jeremy says:

    Obviously not walking the talk on commitment to a stakeholder economy!

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