Janine Benyus on biomimicry

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5 comments on “Janine Benyus on biomimicry
  1. sovington says:

    Very interesting beetle-Inspired Bottle Harvests Drinking Water From Thin Air


  2. crazykouts says:

    Woot woot! Innovation inspired by 3.8 billion years of R&D!


  3. evigno says:

    Interesting video. I was fascinated by the concept of using whale bumps on airplane wings to improve fuel efficiency and decided to look into it further. I came across an interview with the man behind the idea – Prof. Frank Fish – at http://www.thenakedscientists.com/HTML/content/interviews/interview/1282/ . Its worth a read.

    It turns out he’s now using this techonology to develop a wind turbine that can increase the energy production capacity of a windmill by 20 percent. The basic theory behind this is that putting bumps on the wings give them a sharper angle and they can get more drive from the wind.

    The possible applications for this basic technology seem endless.

  4. cookj111 says:

    The Smithsonian Institute has a great television show called Nature Tech about this very subject. I’ve seen a few episodes. It’s pretty cool.

  5. hdutrisac says:

    Very interesting video. I particularly liked how Janine Benyus used the analogy of sea shells with wastewaster engineers to explain the switch that has to be made from learning about the natural world to learning from the natural world and using the ingenious design of this world to redesign the human made world.

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