Don’t cruise ship companies understand EEE?

I ran across this article in one of Canada’s national newspapers: Clean-fuel rules may prompt cruise line to bypass Canada

To me this seems like irrational behaviour by cruise lines.    The product they offer to their customers is access to “nature” yet they refuse to switch to a cleaner fuel which would help preserve the purity of the nature they rely on for their business.

The cost difference for cleaner fuel is $16000/day.  This is peanuts for an operation as large as a modern cruise ship.   Is it too much to ask for some creative thinking by the cruise lines?

If they do end up dropping Canada as a destination I don’t think it’s a great loss for Canada.  This would be an opportunity for a new forward-thinking cruise ship company who wants to fill the void left by the departing polluters.


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One comment on “Don’t cruise ship companies understand EEE?
  1. jeremy says:

    I thoroughly concur with your analysis Tim.

    (Please don’t forget to categorise and tag you posts – not least because people need to read this!)

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