So, Now What? Sustainable Business Strategies

Over the last 20 years, from elementary school to my undergrad in Geography, I have learned about the impacts of our production and consumer behaviours and practices on the environment and the ecosystem.  Our families and societies have learned to save energy (“turn down the thermostat!”), practice the 3 R’s (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse) and keep the environment at the top of our minds.  However, as important as they are, our efforts are just a drop in the ocean.

Now, as I round the last bend of my MBA journey, I find myself reminded once more of the Earth’s fragile ecosystem and the life-sustaining services that it provides.  So, what can I do with this knowledge, with this opportunity?  When I sit at the boardroom table, what do I say to stimulate change?  How can I integrate sustainability into a company’s business model and it’s value offering?  What does a meaningful (and profitable) sustainable business model actually look like and how do I go about building one?

As usual, I have more questions than answers!  But the idea of the “Sustainability Sweet Spot” is a good place to start.  In short, the idea is that we develop our market solutions and business strategies with both the financial shareholder and the public shareholder in mind.  The area where their interests overlap will provide the sweet spont between profitability and sustainability!

As companies become increasingly aware of the need for sustainable solutions, we will watch and hopefully contribute to innovative and exciting sustainability solutions and changing business models.

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2 comments on “So, Now What? Sustainable Business Strategies
  1. nehaljetha says:

    I have not come across the idea before and have to say that it is very promising. But I thinks that companies need to get into the mindset of thinking sustainable before they put in the effort to research the the actions that they can undertake to achieve the sweet spot.Another thing is that the sweet spot seems to be very subjective and may be different from each one point of view.

  2. casimonek says:

    Thats a great post. I absolutely agree with you that sustainability has to be integrated with a company’s business strategy. I just posted on Porter’s notion of inside-out and outside-in links between companies and society that addresses exactly what you refer to. Take a look. Might offer you some answers to your many questions!

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