The “Green” brand Labels not only specify that a product may be “green”, but also “eco”, “organic” and “natural” is not only associated with environmentally-friendly products and services, but a range of other things such as locally-sourced, fair trade, healthy, sustainable, nostalgic, and generally socially responsible. The term “green” has seemingly penetrated all consumption areas and is changing consumer demands everywhere. Perhaps “THE GREEN TOUCH” is GOLD? or is it a function  of what the consumers want? For instance in the car manufacturing companies the green efforts are focused on future demands, which leads to increasing ultimately the shareholders wealth by developing “eco” friendly products to enhance conformance to the environmental legislations and to be perceived as socially responsible by the consumer. Where about are the plans for vehicle waste management, that includes the product with the customers? For instance a survey on the INCONVENIENT REALITIES indicating that consumers may not, primarily buy eco-friendly products because of the “green” tag but because they believe these products will have a positive impact on their health. For instance the UK government in promoting green initiatives introduced the scrapage scheme, where consumers could trade in their old cars, but this is a one time effort with no sustainability built in. Business leaders globally need to revisit the economies of sustainable development to discover the opportunities of the future.

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