First SD Blog

Having never blogged before, this is my first stab at it.

Initial Thoughts
I found today’s class interesting as it showed thru the video and class presentations the impacts, extremities and realities of a world as a result of varying degrees of sustainable initiatives.   I also became curious after Suzanne mentioned her carbon footprint score to see what I would score as well.  Having taken the summary, my footprint came out as such: My Footprint scored 4.6 earths…meaning if everyone in the world lives like I do, then it would require 4.6 earths to sustain us all…I should probably cut down on my means of living!

Some sustainable surfing…

I decided to do some light research on the net to find out more about the topic.  As I was doing so, I recalled what Prof Williams said about biophysical limits as a constraint to moral issues for distributive justice.  Essentially, without having satisfied the very basic necessities of maslow’s hierachy, sustainment development of any kind cannot be taken seriously.  Does this imply that those who have the satisfied those basic needs should/ought to be  addressing the sustainability issue?  To end off I’d like to share an article that I came across that shows off an innovative means towards renewable energy; it also marries together the topic to one of my great passions, soccer.  Click here to see a great way to enjoy the sport as well as create

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2 comments on “First SD Blog
  1. jeremy says:

    Maybe the EPL can do its bit to promote this as part of its “CSR strategy” 😉

  2. barrytang says:

    Fifa should probably take this on to effect a bigger global impression…however it’d have to take care of its corruption and bribery issues first…!!

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