more greenwashing examples

Today we touched on the concept of greenwashing. I came across some greenwashing examples that were interesting enough I felt the urge to share. 

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McDonalds is literally going green. As the picture shows, McDonalds is desperate to show how green they are. In an effort to convince customers that environmental concern is also one of their priorities, they have added green to their original red background in their logo. However, on a fair note, the company has taken on several green initiatives – like using environmentally-friendly refrigeration and converting used oil to biodiesel.

According to, “This strategy is essentially the textbook definition of greenwashing: Promoting green in the abstract, literally re-painting your signage with the color green, while simultaneously making sparse, vague claims about environmental action.”

Hummer is possibly one of the most environmentally unfriendly personal vehicle that I know of. EcoSmart is actually the name of the company so plastering it on to a hummer is pretty ironic to say the least.

Barbie BCause was launched in 2008 in an effort to make a green statement where Mr. Richard Dickson, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Media and Entertainment, Worldwide, Mattel Brands, was quoted saying “Barbie BCause is for eco-conscious girls who believe that being environmentally-friendly is the right thing to do”. Fun fact; barbie is made out of plastics.

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