Sustainable Offices of the Future

I would like to share a new sustainability initiative the head office at Intrepid Travel has recently implemented.

A few months ago everyone in the office was exposed to a new waste management and recycling system. The new system will minimise what goes into the big holes (landfill) in our precious planet and maximise what goes off for recycling.

There was initially a fair few teething issues, however as time has gone on staff have become quite used to selecting the right bins and ‘what goes where’ in terms of rubbish.

Introducing your new Eco-bin:

It’s 10 x 10cm big – YEAP – little. No, it’s not a new pen holder, it’s for your rubbish that will go to landfill. If you are recycling as much as possible, you should have minimal waste for Landfill. Maybe a few muesli bar or sweets wrappers & tissues, or the plastic wrap off a magazine.

You also get one of these paper recycling bins – either on your own or shared with your desk neighbour:

And in the kitchens, there will be our other new bins. They look like these:

Blue bin – clean paper, cardboard. Not food contaminated paper Eg the lid of a pizza box is OK, but the greasy cheesy bottom should go into red lidded Landfill bin.

Yellow bin – Co-mingled – bottles, cans, all ‘hard’ plastic containers including all yoghurt, takeaway food containers and even CD cases! All containers should be rinsed and flattened.

Green bin – is for fruit & veg scraps, tea bags and coffee grounds. These will be fed by the Worm Team (nominated staff members), to our new worm farm which is on 3rd floor shaded balcony.

Grey bin (not pictured here) – ALL other food scraps & tissues. Biodegradable stuff. This will be going into the giant Bokashi bin, which is like a big composter. The Worm Team will also take care of this.

Red bin – anything else. This goes to Landfill. Food soiled paper, glad wrap, broken glass (wrapped in newspaper), drink straws etc All food scraps can go in either the green or grey lidded bin.

Recycling Station – this is for a myriad of items including used postage stamps; loose change foreign currency ; corks; batteries; mobile phones & chargers; CDs & DVDs; compact fluoro lights; spectacles & hearing aids; old towels & sheets. By collecting a reasonable volume here, we can take it to the right ‘depot’ for recycling.

Through the implementation of this system it allows the company to not only reduce waste, minimize costs and make the company more sustainable but it helps contribute to make our planet healthier 🙂

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2 comments on “Sustainable Offices of the Future
  1. jeremy says:

    What a great effort. I’m booking my holidays through Intrepid Travel next year.

  2. Nathan Chan says:

    You definitively should! Great company to work for, and our trips are life changing! Let me know when you plan to book and I can get you a good discount 🙂

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