Kyoto Protocol

Hello everyone, I m going to deal with the Kyoto protocol today. The Kyoto protocol is an agreement on climate change. To be more precise its aim is to reduce the emission of green house gas (ghg).

The protocol works under three mechanisms:

-Emission trading

-Clean development mechanism: Earning credits for promoting and creating company with low emission.

-Joint implantation

I m mostly going to discuss around the first point because it is according to me a strange policy. Every country has a maximum of Ghg allowed and set by the Protocol. If you don’t consume your amount of ghg you earn credit and you can sell to other countries your part. This part can be seen on a bright side because it gives some money to countries that are expanding. But on an other hand it allows very rich and powerful country not to care at all about this problem because they buy as much credit as they want. Nowadays I m not persuaded that this encourage sustain development in countries.

This Carbon market exists also for company and you can find enclosed a link to see which are the worst and how much they are losing from it.

Link to the ranking:

Feel free to comment and give your advice on the subject. And if you have any questions on the topic I will answer them.


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