Hydrogen cars: tomorrow’s reality

Carbon emissions cause a threat to our planet. They do not only poison our air, they also increase the greenhouse effect. So if we want  our future generation to be able to breath freely we should address this problem.

In all big cities around the world, carbon emissions are masif. Everybody is aware of this problem, but most governments just sit back and do nothing about is. BUT not London.

As can be seen on this video, London tries to address this problem by developing and operating Fuel Cell Cabs. While the taxi looks and drives like an iconic London black cab, the Fuel Cell Black Cab is powered by an Intelligent Energy hydrogen fuell cell system hybrised with lithium polymer batteries. In this way, the London government will be able to reduce emissions to zero.

I think every government should invest in those cars as much as possible to reduce the carbon footprint on environment.

Posted in climate change, ecological footprint, energy, government policy, pollution

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