Reims Summer Footprint

Check out this video I made about you coming to Reims

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5 comments on “Reims Summer Footprint
  1. jeremy says:

    Outstanding effort! đŸ™‚

  2. smohutsiwa says:

    Great stuff James, I think you have highlighted an important issue in sustainable development. Being able to measure the consequences of our actions may just be key in us changing our behaviour.

  3. jl00282 says:

    Thanks for the comments, FYI, of the 50.47 tonnes of CO2e:
    Australia=31.91 tonnes
    South Africa= 3.08 tonnes
    Australia is hit with the double whammy of long distance and high number of students.

    Contact me if you would like to know your Reims summer footprint… or other questions.

  4. mareestuart says:

    Thanks James, great clip. Something to think about and really brings home each persons impact on the environment.

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