Successful Community Action Campaign – Earth Hour

The success of community action campaigns lies with the dissemination of information and the “hook” that the campaign promotes.  Like any information it needs to be interesting and engaging for people to take a look at it in the first instance.  Once you have their interest you can sell the important message such as the switch of the light campaign that Sam has described which could provide incredible savings individually and collectively.  An interesting campaign that has grown unbelievably is the Earth Hour campaign.  While the actual act of turning off the lights for one hour is a short term action the long term message has certainly caught on and spread the word globally.  It displays how an effective campaign can sell the message.  Watch the successful video here –  Earth hour 2013

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One comment on “Successful Community Action Campaign – Earth Hour
  1. drmoran82 says:

    I totally agree with this point. in Mexico, the government has invested a lot of money in communication campaigns that focused on key environmental concerns such as water consumption and pollution. These campaigns have been really successful at conveying the message, a lot of people have changes the way they act as consequence of this campaign. However, I think that the communication campaign has to come hand in hand with other initiatives to ensure that the message is not only heard but “lived” by the people.

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