A hopeful world

whether you are in New York, Sydney, Paris, Beijing, Moscow or any other cities in this planet, we must act now. We CAN be many but with ONE message.. Let’s make this happen – changes begins from one little step. A HOPEFULL WORLD_Sustainable Development SDCA2013

Loves God, Loves family and friends. Embarking a new venture never step foot in before: Breast Cancer. This is a journey dedicated to all the warrior princesses out there battling the same sickness. You and I are not alone. To my friends, I hope my shared journey with you brings you hope, joy and laughter [if you can help it]

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One comment on “A hopeful world
  1. before i took this course, i did not give much thoughts about what will be the future of the planet if mankind keep acting how they are acting now, after the one week study, now i realize that change will happen if more and more people realize how serious the problem is and how a small gesture or a understanding of protecting the environment will make a huge difference

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