Approciate Technology – Rethink about technology


Approciate Technology (AppTech) is very new definition. Basically, the main characteristics of AppTechs are small-scale, decentralized, labor-intensive, energy-efficient, environmental friendly, and locally controlled

For some centuries, the developement of technology not only help human being control the resource but also change the rule of the nature. However, because of overusing technology in selfish ways, people exploid the environment, and stress the lifes of the Earth. Therefore, the traditional technologies focusing on only results are no longer be used.

AppTech is most commonly discussed in its relationship to economic development, transfers of capital-intensive technology, and sustainable development in developing countries. However, AppTechs can be practice in both developing and developed countries. In developed countries, the AppTechs are changing the way of using technologies. Especially, global issues, such as energy crisis, global warming, are rising, and threat the human being. AppTechs are the tools to go to environmental and sustainable developments.

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